RelayAnalytics™ Pulse

RelayAnalytics Pulse is a comparative analytics solution that provides visibility into strategic financial trends, inside and outside of your facility. It improves upon traditional benchmarking by automatically providing consistent calculations across peer groups. The solution helps ensure accurate comparisons of similar hospitals so you can identify opportunities for improvement or showcase areas of excellence.

Pulse provides insights that help you analyze your productivity, align and motivate staff, compare revenue and cash flow, and justify future investments with the data to support your decisions.

Payment Velocity Value Estimator

Understand the value of Payment Velocity. Faster velocity indicates less days in A/R and better cash flow.

Potential Cash Flow: $0
Days Above Average: 0

Choose your Hospital Size

Provide your Daily Revenue

See how improving your Service to Release days and Release to Payment days
impact your overall Payment Velocity.

Service to Release

Average number of days from patient discharge to the day charges leave your hospital.


Release to Payment

Average number of days from the day charges leave your hospital to the day your hospital receives payment.


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