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Analytics-driven Claims Management for the ICD-10 World and Beyond

As the industry moves to ICD-10 in October, providers’ financial health is at risk due to documentation and coding inaccuracies and delays and a host of other factors that will likely lead to increased payment obstacles, rejections and denials. RelayHealth created analytical tools to help revenue cycle managers prepare for the ICD-10 transition as well as help monitor performance and drill down into root cause of payment slowdowns now and after October 1, 2015.

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Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Gaining Actionable Insight into Financial Systems and Areas Impacting the Revenue Cycle

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System in South Carolina was facing challenges turning data into actionable intelligence when it chose to add RelayAnalytics™ Pulse to its RelayAssurance™ claims management system. The addition of Pulse quickly paid dividends through verification of the effectiveness of the system’s billing practices and comparison against peer institutions to validate performance levels or prompt corrective action.

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Silverton Hospital

Root Cause Comparative Data Engages Physicians to Accelerate Cash

Silverton Hospital’s service-to-submission rate was averaging weeks rather than days when organization leaders sought a solution that would provide insight into issues creating the delay. RelayAnalytics™ Pulse helped the organization grasp hot spots at a glance while comparing performance both within the organization and to best practices versus similar hospital peers.

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Using an Analytical Approach to Weather ICD-10

Healthcare finance leaders are facing major potential disruptors in the coming months, including the changeover from ICD-9 to ICD-10, and the continued adoption of new pay-for-value models like bundled payments. These changes will have differing impacts on every health provider organization, and mitigating these changes will be a priority for all. This paper outlines a four-step, data-centric Risk Assessment and Mitigation Framework designed to help providers prepare for and succeed during upcoming health reform events.

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Pulse Perspective: The RevCycle Report

Helping You Keep Your Fnger on the Pulse of the Revenue Cycle

The Pulse Perspective is a complimentary industry report that provides a macro view into the billing processes of hospitals and the speed or velocity of payer reimbursements. The report leverages RelayHealth’s unique data assets representing millions of claims processed each year across the U.S.

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Accelerating Service-to-Payment Velocity

Join RelayHealth for a recorded Healthcare Finance News webinar, Accelerating Service-to-Payment Velocity, where you’ll learn how to identify the most impactful opportunities for accelerating payment from governmental and commercial payers.

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Comparative Analytics

Why Your Benchmark May Be Off the Mark

Jason Williams, Vice President, Business Analytics, discusses the increasing importance of benchmarking to the success of healthcare organizations.  By adapting to the new technologies now available, healthcare providers can experience greater and more timely access to financial and performance data, particularly with the introduction of new payment models and quality metrics.

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Ecosystem Analytics

Better Benchmarking Critical for Better Healthcare

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