A New Standard in Comparative Analytics

RelayAnalytics Pulse

RelayHealth aggregates data representing more than one of every four dollars spent in the U.S. on hospitals, physicians, and clinics, as well as the majority of retail pharmacy transactions, and therefore can provide meaningful transparency to the health delivery system. RelayAnalytics Pulse provides:

  • Daily data updates from hundreds of hospitals
  • Comparative peer benchmarking data

RelayAnalytics Pulse automatically calculates metrics, KPIs, and peer comparisons for you and helps ensure that peer comparisons are calculated consistently across all peer hospitals so all hospitals are compared on a level playing ground. And because data updates are provided daily, you can react to changing trends at a moment’s notice.


  • • Daily data updates for immediate insight
  • • Comparative analytics from hundreds of hospitals
  • • Automated collection and consistent calculation of peer Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • • Strategic financial trend dashboards
  • • KPIs to quantify financial opportunities


  • • Benchmark your facility with your peers
  • • Issue identification, prioritization and monitoring
  • • Assess revenue/cost savings potential
  • • Scenario planning and 'what if' analysis
  • • Insight into root cause helps identify change management strategies
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Compare my facility to similar peers

  • RelayAnalytics Pulse helps you benchmark your performance against similar hospital peers. It helps you compare your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to peer hospitals of your size, hospital setting, claim volume and hospital type so you can evaluate how you’re doing and set your goals and priorities accordingly. You can also create facility subgroups within your hospital system to analyze and compare your facilities internally.
  • RelayAnalytics Pulse provides daily data updates for immediate insight. You get updated data when you need it so you can make informed business decisions.RelayAnalytics Pulse automates data collection and provides consistent calculations of peer KPIs with data from RelayHealth’s vast repository, making the benchmarking process effortless and consistent.

Determine my service-to-payment velocity

  • RelayAnalytics Pulse provides actionable insight into what part of the revenue cycle causes your payment speed to slow down by monitoring Service-to-Payment Velocity and the aspects of your revenue cycle that affect it.
  • The Service-to-Payment Velocity KPI breaks down into multiple sub-KPIs and compares each one to your peers so you can contrast the details, isolate the root cause and quantify the most significant opportunities for revenue acceleration by determining these key timeframes:
    • Service to submit
    • Submit to release
    • Service to release
    • Release to payment
    • Service to payment

Easily determine root causes of financial issues

  • RelayAnalytics Pulse helps you analyze your facility’s financial performance by drilling down to accurately determine the root cause of issues so you can evolve your strategies and set your goals around what is important. Color-coded dashboard indicates if KPIs are: Favorable, Within Range or Unfavorable
  • Drill down on KPIs to analyze your performance and determine root cause
  • Determine priorities, set goals, take action

Forecast and manage my target metrics daily

  • RelayAnalytics Pulse monitors your current KPIs, your target metrics, and the gap between current and target so you can constantly measure how you are doing toward each goal and can forecast where you will be at the end of the month.
  • Pulse helps you compare each of your KPIs to your peers so you can see where you stand

Pinpoint revenue or cost savings value for each KPI

  • The Value Index reveals the revenue potential or cost savings associated with improving each KPI and provides estimates of what the monthly revenue potential might be if issues are addressed. The Improvement Estimator facilitates scenario and ‘what if’ planning so you can easily determine what the results of your improvement efforts might be.

View my key data via mobile apps

RelayAnalytics Pulse provides mobile capability via an iPhone app to keep you informed.

  • View critical KPIs when you are on the go
  • Set alerts when important thresholds are met
  • Stay informed 24/7 when you are away from the office

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